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How much do Nepalese cricketers earn

Sportsperson around the world makes good earning. Either it is a top footballer like Lionel Messi, a top cricketer like Virat Kohli or high profile basketball player DeMar DeRozan, they make a huge amount of cash, comparatively huge amount than what an average decent earner makes.

Messi’s earning is more than 200,000 euros every week. Similarly, Virat Kohli earns somewhere near to that and Demar DeRozan bags 27 million USD every year which makes him the highest earning basketball player.

Although Nepalese cricketer does not earn even a fraction of what these players make, they are great celebrity back in their country. Their earning is decent enough than any other sportsperson in Nepal. Their salary is way more than what an average Nepalese earns. Cricket is one of the most followed game in the country and their recent achievement which earned them One Day Status for the first time in the history of Nepalese cricket will certainly help them land more endorsement deals in future. Stars like Paras Khadka, Sandeep Lamichhane are already making a huge sum of money with different endorsement deals.

Basically, the cricketer’s earning back in Nepal comes from one of these sources. It is monthly salary paid by the Nepalese government for their contribution to the National Team. This salary depends on their grades. Players are categorized into different grades. The highest graded players are the seniors player in the team who make approximately $350 every month. In addition to the national team salary, cricket players earn during franchise-based cricket as their salary. It ranges from $500-$2000 per tournament depending on how much they are paid during an action. The number of franchise-based cricket tournament has been increasing with Dhangadhi Premier League and Everest Premier League high on ranks. A top player bags around $5000-7000 every year playing this franchise-based tournament in the home country.  Sometimes, cricketers bag extra cash by playing invitation based tournaments in neighboring countries. For example, Sagar Pun, recently has been playing in the Malaysian League. In addition to these, cricketers are chosen as the brand ambassadors and supported by different corporate houses in Nepal. Top cricketers like Paras Khadka, Gyanendra Malla, Sandeep Lamichhane already make some good amount of money from endorsements while some other players make a small amount from these deals. Even national level players like Sonu Tamang, has a sticker of on his bat.

Beside all the earnings mentioned above, Nepalese cricketers also earn from amount they win during best players awards. Captain Paras Khadka has won the best player of the year award twice in Nepal Sports Journalist’s forum Pulsar Sports award which has earned him two Pulsar motorbikes.

Disclaimer: The earnings presented in this article are not authorized or official earning reports. There could be some difference between the player’s earnings. We just try to be as much accurate as possible but do not claim that these figures are 100% accurate. If you have any complaints, you could just email us.

15. Aasif Sheikh

Aasif Sheikh

Description: Aasif Sheikh is a wicket-keeper batsman who makes his earning through different local tournaments and an international tournament in Nepal. He played alongside Sagar Pun in Malaysian league where their team won the tournament. Aasif’s earning is estimated to be around $4000 every year.

Estimated annual Earning: $4000

Estimated Net Worth:$5000

14. Lalit Bhandari

Lalit bhandari
Lalit Singh Bhandari of Nepal Police Club gestures to celebrate wickets against Eastern Region at the Baijanathpur Cricket Ground in Baijanathpur of Morang district on Monday. Photo: Udipt Singh Chhetry

Description: Lalit Bhandari is fast bowler from Nepal. His earnings are estimated at around $4000 per annum.

Estimated annual Earning: $4000

Estimated Net Worth: $5000

13. Dilip Nath

Dilip Nath

Description: Dilip Nath is wicket-keeper batsman from Nepal. He is a left-handed batsman who usually opens the innings for his team. His earning comes from franchise-based cricket tournaments, local tournaments and during national team camp when he is selected for the team. His estimated earning per year is around $4000.

Estimated annual Earning: $4000

Estimated Net Worth: $10000

12. Anil Sah

Anil sah

Description: Anil Kumar Sah is opener batsman from Nepal. He is currently a regular member of Nepal National team. He is a wicket-keeper batsman. His estimated earning is $7000 per annum.

Estimated annual Earning: $7000

Estimated Net Worth: $20000

11. Sagar Pun

Description: Sagar Pun is a National player from Nepal. Currently, he lost his place in the Nepal national team, however, made his comeback in the team during Asia cup qualifiers after Sharad’s injury. Sagar’s two centuries in Malaysian league inspired his comeback in the team. His estimated earning is around $7000.

Estimated annual Earning: $7000

Estimated Net Worth: $50000

10. Rohit Kumar Paudel

Description: Rohit Kumar Paudel is considered as one of the most efficient finishers in the national team recently. He is the youngest member of the team as for now. His estimated earning per year is $8000.

Estimated annual Earning: $8000

Estimated Net Worth: $10000

9. Karan KC

karan kc

Description: Karan KC is the bowling-all-rounder from Nepal. He was considered hero because of his contribution during the ICC match against Canada which helped to promote Nepal to division one. His last wicket partnership with Sandeep Lamichhane led the team to historic victory. His earnings are on an average of $9000 per year.

Estimated annual Earning: $9000

Estimated Net Worth: $50,000

8. Sompal Kami

Sompal Kami

Description: Sompal Kami is one of the most versatile bowlers in the National team. He has been selected as marquee players during some franchise-based cricket tournaments in Nepal. Marquee players or captains make comparatively higher earnings than any other player in the team. Sompal’s estimated earning is around $12000 per year.

Estimated annual Earning: $12000

Estimated Net Worth: $40,000

7. Shakti Gauchan

Description: Shakti Gauchan is one of the longest-serving Nepalese cricketers. He currently retired from the National team but is still playing club based local tournaments. His retirement from national team means he will stop earning the regular monthly salary every national team player got. However, his earning also comes from his entrepreneurship as he owns sports accessories store back in his hometown.

Estimated annual Earning: $12000

Estimated Net Worth: 100,000

6. Aarif Sheikh

aarif sheikh

Description: Aarif Sheikh is another regular member of the Nepal National cricket team. He is all-rounder whose earnings comes from different franchise-based cricket and national team salary. His estimated annual earnings are around $15000.

Estimated annual Earning: $15000

Estimated Net Worth: $50000

5. Basant Regmi

Basanta Regmi
Nepal’s Basanta Regmi bowls against the Netherlands during the ICC World Cricket League Championship at Amsteelveen, on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Courtesy: Cricket Europe

Description: Basanta Regmi has appeared in different commercials, including famous TV advertisement by Ruslan cricket. His estimated annual earning is around $16000.

Estimated annual Earning: $16000

Estimated Net Worth: $100,000

4. Sarad Vesawkar

Description: Sarad married Nisha Adhikari which has increased his demand in Nepalese advertisement market. His earnings come from playing cricket and other endorsements. His estimated earning is $18000 per year.

Estimated annual Earning: $18000

Estimated Net Worth: $200,000

3. Gyanendra Malla

Description: Gyanendra Malla is one of the highest earning player in Nepalese cricket team. Not only he earns from his cricketing skills, but he also owns a management company and co-owns KCTS sports wear and KCTC indoor cricket. His estimated earning per month is more than $1500-$1700 on avarage and his eastimated annual income is around $20,000.

Estimated annual Earning: $20000

Estimated Net Worth: $300,000

2. Paras Khadka

Description: The icon of Nepalese cricket, Paras Khadka makes earnings from his cricketing activities. Besides his salary from Nepal National Cricket team which is $350 equivalent every month, Paras’s earning varies from other players because he is the highest earning player in Nepal. Paras is paid hefty among other players when he plays in Nepal. Besides, Paras also has endorsement deals in Nepal. He has appeared in different advertisements and earns more than any other players in Nepal from ads.

Estimated annual Earning: $30,000

Estimated Net Worth: $300,000

1. Sandeep Lamichhane

Sandeep Lamichhane

Description: Sandeep Lamichhane tops the list because of his contract with different franchise-based cricket teams around the globe. Sandeep became the first player to play in the Indian Premier League, IPL. Delhi Daredevils signed him for four years at a base price of INR 20 lakhs per year which is equivalent to 30,000 USD per year. This makes him the highest earning player from Nepal.

Besides earnings from cricket, Sandeep also makes money from different endorsements deals. Sandeep gets Nrs 40,000 per month from Sanima Development Bank which is equivalent to USD $400 every month. Alongside, he has played advertisement with different corporate houses in Nepal.

Sandeep was also awarded cash price for his contribution in Nepalese cricket by various businesses. The cash prize ranged from Nrs 1000 to Nrs 5000 adding up on his earning.

Estimated annual Earning: $45000

Estimated Net Worth: $400,000

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